vital wheat gluten

It is very important to provide protein with high quality in the diet of livestock, poultry and fish. In this regard, Shahdineh Aran has decided to produce unique product of vital wheat gluten for use in dietary for livestock, poultry and fish.
This product, during the processing of specific products and by having superior features and unique characteristics, is presented as follow:

 downloadProduction of it every day and its freshness

downloadIts quick and easy access for the preparation of the products

downloadProviding the appropriate level of energy and protein of dietary

download Supply of appropriate profile of amino acids in an optimum level

download Reduction of dietary fiber and improving digestion

 downloadHaving cation balance – appropriate anion

download Improving food texture and Increasing mixing uniformity

download Enhancing digestion and absorption of food

download Increasing production efficiency and improving conversion efficiency

download  profitability

download Reduction of restrictive and preventive and anti-nutritional factors in dietary

download Improving enough space for diet formulation due to increase in both protein and amino acids

download Removing the binder pellet in all diets

download Improving consistency of the pellets and reduction of flour food pellet

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icon-li Gluten chemical analysis

Parameter specification Unit

White Powder Up to Light Brown 


Without Smell

Humidity Max 10 percent 



Min 80



(Ash(DM   Max 2 percent 
water Absorption Min 130  percent 
PH  5.8-6.4 -
Fat  1.5-2 -
Crude fibr Max 1.5 -


 icon-li Gluten microbial analysis



Max 150 Per 10 gram

Thermophilic aerobic Spore bacteria

(per gram)

Max 100000

Total count of aerobic mesophilie

(Per gram)

Max 1000

Bacillus cereus

(Per gram)

Max 10 (per gram)

Sulfate – reducing Chostridia

Max 1000


(Per gram)


E. Coil

(Per gram)

Max 10

Coliform Count

(Per gram)


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