It is a unique and special product which has fiber, carbohydrates, protein with high energy and nutritional value; and it is used for the production of the variety of feedstock in the form of pellet and extrude. Today, one of the most important issues in manufacturing pellets and extrude feedstock is the use of materials and combinations which can act as a good binder pellets and does not have negative side effects.
Unfortunately, modern binder pellet often industrial will result in increase in the cost of dietary; or other common things wrongly used cause to erode the parts involved with feedstock and reduces its useful life; and it also hurts minerals in itself and effects the balance of formula. Not only Dose not have positive effects ,but also it Increases the quality of the final product.


The unique advantages of binder pellet:

download 100% herbal

download Reducing the cost of dietary

 download Improvement of Energy

download Increasing the stability of pellet and improving the durability of pellets

download Complete replacement of industrial binder pellet

download Increasing lifetime of Dai screens and other parts

download Supply of protein and amino acids and dietary salt

download Use of it as a raw material in feed formulations

download Improvement of gelatinization of pellet feed

download Feed conversion

download Lack of anti-nutritional factors and inhibitory

Parameter specification Unit 
(protein (DM  7_10  Percent
Me  3800_3600  Kcal/Kgt
(DM)   98_93  Percent
crude fiber 1.5_0.5  Percent
(Ash (DM Max 1-3m Percent
Na Max 0.58  Percent
Cl   Max 0.9 Percent
Ca Max 0.29 Percent
P  Max 0.1 Percent


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