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By recognizing the critical role of the food and alternant industry in the economy and proper use of the country's vast reserves with an emphasis on self-esteem in order to meet the basic needs of food industry, Shahdineh Aran has started its activities in this field. The company began its activity with installation and commissioning of the sugar (Glucose) plant and the production of 17,000 tons of glucose per year in an area of 22,000 square meters.

shahdineh aran

Quantitative and Qualitative Growth Of Products, With Installation And Commissioning Of The World's Most Advanced Machinery And The Use Of Experts And Experienced Staffs

Our belief

Shahdineh Aran believes that Iranians deserve to have the best;and by this belief, they attempts to make the best for society. So,we believe that it is our duty to increase our ability in the way that we can identify different nutritional needs...

shahdineh aran

Quantitative and qualitative growth of products,with installation and commissioning of the world's most advanced machinery and the use of experts and experienced staffs

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  • Address: Iran,Isfahan,Jey Industrial Zone,         Main Street, No. 29
  • Phone: +9831-35721754-9
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